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Clean sharp lines.

When considering roman blinds; it’s all here on one page. The floating ‘nav-bar’ just down the page makes finding anything you need a breeze. From important product considerations, to the questions to ask potential suppliers to ensure you’re getting lasting quality. Also included is the practical stuff like how to measure and install like the pros. There’s the FAQS people before you have asked and the reviews they’ve left shortly after purchasing their brand new roman blinds. At any stage, ‘Get A Quote’ to submit width and drop dimensions for a prompt quote. Whether you’re DIY or needing service, you customise your experience at Blinds Online Ltd – Ryan.



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3–4 weeks + delivery


3 years


Style Factor



Use Roller Blind Fabrics For Cleaner Stylish Finish. No Soft Fabrics Used.

roman blinds in a modern lounge setting

Romans from roller fabric.

Roman blinds just got way smarter, way more stylish. We do roman blinds but not from traditional ‘soft furnishing’ fabric ranges. We use and you get the same high level of robust quality and thermal properties as you do from our roller blind fabric ranges – all fabrics are sourced from reputable NZ based fabric suppliers. These raise and lower in tiers and operate like the roman blinds you’re used to; they just look sharper and cleaner than standard roman blinds. We also use the same higher quality componentry, from Acmeda, that’s used throughout 95% of our roller blind products.

Either DIY or installation.

If you’re going the DIY route you can have roman blinds sent anywhere in New Zealand. All the measuring and installation instructions are right here on this page, so you can do your home and roman blinds justice. If you’d feel safer getting us to measure and install then we can do that too. We cover most bigger NZ cities install wise and if not I’ll do my best to find you a recommended local installer.

roman blinds under curtains in the lounge
blockout roman blinds in shared lounge office space

Appreciate the difference.

To really appreciate how smart and stylish these roman blinds are and how they differ from ‘soft fabric’ romans you may wish to visit our Mt Wellington, Auckland based showroom during week days. Get up close and personal with the roman blinds and see if their modern approach is for you. All the roman blind fabrics are available to view here as well; there’s bound to be a solution to complement the design and décor of your home. Showroom visits are by appointment only and can be arranged with either Morgaine or Hayley on 09 5801350.

Pull chain, pull cord.

Depending on how you believe a roman blind should function you can choose to have them operated using a cord (much like a venetian) or with a control chain (much the same as a roller blind). Either way works brilliantly; it just comes down to your personal preference. The ‘cord and cleat’ option is the more economical approach. If a control chain is chosen, just like a roller blind the roman blind will stop and stay where it is, when you stop pulling the control chain – So, no need to ‘tie off’ a cord each time you operate your roman blind.

roman blinds in modern living room
sheer roman blinds in the kitchen

Blown budget?

Get a roman blind quote if romans are what you desire. Don’t get disillusioned if they come in over budget; before you move from the roman blind line of thought be aware that changes between fabric choice and/or between control chain vs pull cord can make a significant difference to your quote. As with any products, let’s explore the options in terms of your budget. However don’t compromise on quality; you’ll regret it mid to long term. The obvious runner up to roman blinds, if the budget still doesn’t allow, is to get the same great fabrics you’ve seen here but made as roller blinds.

Romans lead time.

Roman blinds take 3–4 weeks to manufacture plus 1-4 days freight if you are a DIY client, depending on where you are located within New Zealand. Roman blinds are made right here in Auckland, New Zealand, and only using reputable lasting quality parts and fabrics. If we’re installing for you allow a few days on top of the 3–4 weeks just to safe, while we organise a day that’s going to work for you and our installer.

sheer roman blinds in the bedroom

So many colours and designs.

There are plenty of designs and hundreds of colours to keep you busy choosing your roman blinds. Don’t get overwhelmed however; just use our fancy fabric selector below and filter the options. We don’t cut corners by offering no name not tested fabrics; they all come from reputable New Zealand based fabric suppliers without exception. Roman blinds can be made using blockout fabrics, light filtering, or sunscreen material; from plain to designer, depending on your needs. You can also sort your roman blind fabrics by price level however this product is a more expensive one when considering all window covering products.

Measuring for roman blinds.

Roman blinds for the most part are made to be an outside fit window covering. Offering complete coverage and really good room darkening results. The following roman blind measuring instructions detail the outside fit approach. All the stress of getting measurements super exact like inside mounted products gets left behind. Relax and grab your tape measure…

Measure in 3 steps

1. Width.

As is with the outside fit approach and because for the most part people have their roman blinds cover and overlap the architrave it’s not super important to be exact to the millimetre. However don’t get slack; we still want the correct size roman blind supplied and fitted with everyone involved still smiling. Measure from the ‘outside edge of the architrave’ to the ‘outside edge of the architrave’ then add 40mm to each side (or 80mm in total) to get your roman blind final width. Add more if you want more coverage. Don’t add anything if you want the roman blind to be the same size as your architrave or if your roman blind is going to butt into a corner or there is some other obstacle; adjust your desired width accordingly. Remember to hold the tape measure level and provide measurements in millimetres.

2. Drop.

If you have ample space above your window, the general ‘stack size’ for roman blinds is about 350mm. The stack size being the height of the blind when completely pulled up (open). Generally you want the bottom of the ‘stack’ to be in line with the bottom edge of the top architrave. If there’s an existing sunscreen roller blind or something else inside the window you may want the bottom of your ‘stack’ lower to conceal this. Measure the height from ‘INSIDE of the architrave at the top to the OUTSIDE of the architrave at the bottom’. Add 60mm to the bottom or more if you want more coverage).

TIP 1: Older style windows sometimes have that sill that protrudes into the room – you may want the blind to finish flush with this surface – in this case don’t add extra dimension to the bottom. As mentioned above, add 350mm to the top (or less if desired). Make sure you hold the tape measure vertically and provide measurements in millimetres.

3. Send in dimensions.

Hit ‘Get A Quote’ and supply your roman blind measurements (width X drop) in millimetres (mm). If you are getting us to check measure as part of the service option you don’t have to stress over exacts however do bear in mind you want the final quote and invoice to be accurate. If you’re taking the DIY approach your exact final measurements will be required before proceeding with a DIY roman blind order.

Eg: WIDTH: 1050 + 40 + 40 = 1130mm.

Eg: DROP: 1590 + 350 + 60 = 2000mm.

Download PDF measuring instructions: Outside the Reveal

large roman blinds in a dining room

Better than most.

Your roman blinds come with a full 3 year warranty which cover such things as defects in components and workmanship under normal conditions of use. We don't cut corners when it comes to manufacturing and we don't make compromises with lesser quality parts or fabrics. This warranty does not apply to roman blinds that have been subject to misuse, negligence, incorrect installation, improper maintenance, accidental damage or bad language.

Download full warranty PDF: Warranty

Feedback specific to our roman blinds.

Over 462+ Online reviews | 4.9 Google & 98% on no cowboys profiles

Ryan Ambler

Right from the beginning I could tell Ryan was one for detail and that proved to be the case through the whole process of deciding on which products to get and then the installation. His attention to detail makes sure everything is perfectly installed and no awkwardly placed window is a problem for him, he problem solves and ensures everything is AOK. He is also a really nice guy, I would definitely recommend using Blinds Online and their curtain contact Three Little Birds who did a lovely job making my drapes.

Stephanie Jacob

Milford, Auckland - Dec 2017

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

What a fantastic review, thanks Stephanie. I appreciate your business and working with you getting all the aspects right. Enjoy the roman blinds and everything else. They look fantastic.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

We are delighted with our roman blinds. Ryan was extremely easy to deal with and answered all my queries quickly and efficiently. Our order was made at a very busy time for everyone - just before Christmas- so there was some delay in receiving the finished product. However, we were kept informed on progress and were happy to wait, perhaps a bit longer than usual. We would recommend Blinds Online and have, in fact, already done so.

Ellie Newbegin

Milford, Auckland - Mar 2015

no cowboys |93% Rating

It was an extremely business time, Ellie, and I thank you for your patience. Glad you liked the roman blinds, I think they looked super. Thanks for all the referrals; so very much appreciated.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Ryan and his team were all very friendly and helpful. Once installed we thought that silver chains would look better than the white ones for our roman blinds. This was sorted without any fuss and no extra payment required! I have been very happy with the end result and am very happy to recommend Blinds Online to other people.

Scott Simpson

Greenhithe, Auckland - Jan 2016

no cowboys |95% Rating

You're most welcome, Scott. Thanks for your business and thanks for taking the time to write a review. Enjoy the roman blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler



What's the largest size roman blind you do?


We don't really recommend making roman blinds over 2400 X 2400 (mm) for weight and wear and tear reasons. If you do have a size over this let us discuss the pros and cons and see what can be done. Our roman blind warranty may differ from published if you do require roman blinds over 2400 X 2400 mm.