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Re-introducing the much loved aluminium blind.

Everything you need to know about aluminium blinds is right here on one page. Scroll down or use the nav bar below. You’ll find general product info, what differentiates our aluminium blinds from others. Warranty details, FAQS, how to measure, install, operate, and care for your new aluminium blinds. At any point hit the ‘Get A Quote’. Whether you need measuring and installation services or whether you are a DIY character, I look forward to assisting you with the aluminium blind solution for you – Ryan.



Entry Level


Powder Coated Aluminium Blades


10 working days + delivery


3 years


Residential & Commercial


3600 X 3000


Tightest Closing Blades On Market

man installing aluminium blinds up a ladder

Installation or DIY?

Your aluminium blinds are available as a DIY option, nationwide. Or if you require check measuring and installation we offer this service in most main centres throughout NZ. If service isn’t available, don’t panic – aluminium blinds are super easy to measure for, and install yourself – just scroll on down and assess the step by step instructions to see if you are a DIY sort after all. Either way, hit the ‘Get A Quote’ button, give me the basics, and I’ll fire back a quote.

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One of the most versatile , longest serving blind types available.

Aluminium blinds are one of the oldest blind types available. Durable, reliable, and built to last the tests of time. Made from tough aluminium slats and powder coated these aluminium blinds resist corrosion very well. So, perfect for wetter areas like the kitchen and bathroom, as well as anywhere else around the home. These endure, and with love and care, aluminium blinds are proven to last a long time.

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white aluminium blind in a living room
aluminium blinds in different shaped windows in living room

Smart and stylish.

Update your home or office’s look with aluminium blinds. Made from sleek looking aluminium slats, these aluminium blinds will add a healthy dose of sophistication to any room. Choose from a wide range of colours to complement the design and décor of your home. Aluminium blinds can look sleek and modern, which will surely add style no matter what type of space you’re streamlining.

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Many ways to save you money.

There’s no need to blow the budget for this long-lasting yet stylish window partner. The aluminium blind is one of the most affordable blinds out there – despite its superior toughness and durability. As well as offering a low entry price to the blind world these aluminium blinds will reduce your energy consumption by shielding you from the heat of the sun and maintaining the coolness within.

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silver aluminium blind closeup
white aluminium blind in an apartment lounge

With up, down, and tilt, you can really set the mood.

Whether it’s day or night, with an aluminium blind, you get the desired privacy, the right amount of filtered light, and the ability to manage room temperature, just the way you want it – with the spin of a wand and the pull of a cord. Aluminium blinds are very light, easy to install, and hassle-free to operate. With a simple wand control, create the desired environment you require.

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Only available here.

Ours promise to be the tightest closing aluminium blinds available on the NZ market. Achieved by having 10% more blades with larger overlaps to provide you more privacy and more room darkening than all other competitors. The blades you get with these aluminium blinds are also thicker than all others, at a 0.21mm slat thickness. Simply get competitors slat samples and flex to understand why this is important – the kids, pets or tenants are far less likely to bend or damage our aluminium blinds. We also use a stronger, steel, head and bottom rail, which is then powder-coated to ensure superior longevity. Along with all the required plastic components being UV rated for our kick-arse NZ sun.

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image showing aluminium blinds from inside and outside the home
large aluminium blinds in an office boardroom

Even incredible blinds have their limits.

Being light and of strong construction aluminium blinds cover windows small and large up to a comparatively whooping 3.6m wide X 3m high. Putting your measurements in the online quote tool will soon confirm what’s possible and what’s not. If a space is too wide for one aluminium blind you can always split the width into two aluminium blinds, hopefully at a handy vertical mullion in your window.

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Good, but not quite right?

If aluminium blinds aren’t quite the right solution for you. You might consider another type of venetian from the range. Wooden for the sleek factor or PVC for their robustness. Click ‘products’ at the top of the page and reselect from the wide range of all things blinds and beautiful.

aluminium blinds providing privacy beside a walkway
aluminium blind installed on a door

Get your favourite blinds fast.

With all the relevant info right here in one place, along with a competitive price, getting your shiny new aluminium blinds couldn’t be easier. Hit the go button and your custom made to measure aluminium blinds are underway with a fast 5–10 working day manufacture, plus delivery or installation.

Our aluminium blinds are made in NZ.

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Lightweight, easy to operate. And now in 20 great flavours.

With 20 striking colourways on offer – from neutrals, gloss and metallics – choose the aluminium blind colour to suit your taste. All available colours bring that fresh up to date feel that will modernise your home.

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Appliance Silver
Appliance Silver
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Cloud
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Dark Choc
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Dark Silver
Dark Silver
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Light Choc
Light Choc
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Light Grey
Light Grey
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Light Silver
Light Silver
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Midnight Stone
Midnight Stone
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Mocca
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Odessey
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Orient
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Starfish
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Aluminium Venetian Blinds In Stone
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Measuring made safe and stress-free.

No need to worry – you’re in good hands and you have the ability to get this right. With the ‘measure 3 times and pick the lowest measurement rule' you can’t fail. You will get your aluminium blinds exactly right every time. ‘Inside the reveal’ instructions and ‘outside the reveal’ instructions are available as downloadable pdf’s below. For the most part aluminium blinds go ‘inside the reveal’ for a neat finish and the following 3 steps are based on that…

Measure in 3 steps

1. Measure for width.

Grabbing your trusty measuring tape, measure the width of the recess where your aluminium blind will be installed. Make sure you hold the tape measure level and measure from inside edge to inside edge of the reveal. If you need help, grab a friendly family member or pet with opposable thumbs. Measure in three places: near the top, in the middle, and near the bottom. Make note of the smallest width in millimetres – this will be the measurement you use.

2. Now the drop (height).

Measure the drop for your aluminium blind by measuring inside the recess in three places: at the left, in the centre, and at the right. Again make sure you measure from inside edge to inside edge while holding the tape measure perpendicular to the sill. Make note of the shortest drop in millimetres – this will be the measurement you use. “Why not the longest measurement in this case you’re thinking” – if we chose the longest measurement the bottom-rail of the blind may hit the sill at the shortest height and appear crooked. We want the bottom-rail to sit neatly just above the window sill.

3. Supply measurements.

Hit ‘Get A Quote’ now and enter your measurements as ‘width’ X ‘drop’ in millimetres only (mm). If you are getting us to check measure and install at some point and don’t want to measure exactly exact then enter approximate dimensions for now for pricing only. If you are after the DIY approach but want a quick price first you might also enter approximate dimensions for your aluminium blinds. Exact measurements will be required later if proceeding with an order as a DIY client.

Download PDF measuring instructions: Inside the Reveal Outside the Reveal

A lefty or a righty.

Another important decision to make – do you require the controls (tilt wand and pull cords) of your aluminium blind to be on the left or the right? Approach this with both aesthetics and practicalities in mind. When the two aren’t in harmony, choose the practical approach. Weigh up these thoughts to help you decide: “cords away from openings won’t blow in the wind or get caught”, “cords away from room corners will be easier to operate”, “cords away from corners of the room look more pleasing to the eye (sometimes not)”, “cords out of line of sight when approaching a room may be more aesthetic”, and most importantly, probably, when all is said and done, “can I reach the controls comfortably – what obstacles may be in the way now or later?”

It all boils down to a lefty or a righty.

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light control effects from an aluminium blind in a dining room

Installing your blinds made easy.

Aluminium blinds are easy to install yourself. And with your own step by step instructions it's now even easier. For the most part aluminium blinds are installed within the window reveal. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 below...

1. Getting in the zone.

The tools of choice for any aspiring aluminium blind installer are a screwdriver (or power drill with the appropriate bit), the provided screws (1 screw per bracket), and a step ladder, pencil, and tape measure. You might be so natural at this you don't even need the last 3 items! Carefully unpack your brand new aluminium blinds.

2. Fitting the brackets.

So you’re in the zone and full of confidence, it’s time to fit the brackets. Fit the aluminium blind brackets at the desired depth within the reveal. It’s more common to install the aluminium blinds closer to the architrave face than deep in the reveal however it’s up to you – just be sure your aluminium blinds are going to miss any handles or other protrusions in the reveal when raised and lowered. 10mm back from the architrave face makes those aluminium blinds look the business.

Blind width dictates how many brackets are required – here’s the guide…

Aluminium blinds up to 1m wide, use 2 brackets. Between 1–2m use 3 brackets. 2–3m use 4. And 3–4m use 5 brackets to firmly secure your aluminium blinds in place.

Measure 105mm in from each end of your window – that’s where the two end brackets go. Screw them in and if your blind requires more than two brackets, place those evenly along the blind’s width.

TIP 1: That being said don’t fit brackets directly above the aluminium blind control unit thingy or any of the ladder cradles – and a bracket must be placed between your control unit and the first ladder cradle next to it.

TIP 2: lie your aluminium blinds on the window sill in such a way that you can view where the control unit and ladder cradles are within the headrail to assist with bracket placement.

3. Fitting the aluminium blind.

Well done, that’s the wordy detailed part of the installation over. Now just securely clip the aluminium blind into its brackets, making sure each bracket audibly clicks. The wand and control cord are at the front of the headrail, facing into the room – obvious I know – but you may be a slightly overwhelmed first timer. Once secure you can confidently raise, lower and tilt your aluminium blind while marvelling at it and the new skills you have just mastered.

Download PDF installing instructions: Inside the Reveal

Peace of mind.

Your new aluminium blinds come with a full 3 year warranty. Free from any defects in components and workmanship under normal conditions of use. The warranty does not apply to any aluminium blinds that have been subject to misuse, negligence, incorrect installation, accidental damage or improper maintenance.

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view of an apartment building with aluminium blinds

Download full warranty PDF: Warranty

Feedback specific to our aluminium blinds.

Over 462+ Online reviews | 4.9 Google & 97% on no cowboys profiles

Ryan Ambler

Blindsonline offers the most comprehensive range of products at a very reasonable price. Ryan was most helpful and responded to questions efficiently. We ordered at the most trying time before the Covid-19 lockdown and hence the delivery was significantly delayed. Ryan followed up and kept us up-to-date with the order status. We are happy with the end result and we highly recommend their aluminium blinds and services.

Georgia Lowe

Remuera, Auckland - May 2020

no cowboys |98% Rating

Thanks so much Georgia. For your patience and business through this time. Please enjoy your new aluminium venetian blinds nz.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Wow, what can I say. Ordered aluminium blinds through Ryan @ Blinds Online. The install it yourself instructions were great, my aluminium blinds look great too. The whole process was professional & friendly, straightforward and very easy. Email communication was ideal; especially as I work full time. I will update my bedrooms in the New Year through Ryan, so watch this space. Thanks Ryan.

Mihi Smith

Takanini, Auckland - Oct 2019

no cowboys |100% Rating

Yay, it all works! The system and designed experience. Thanks heaps, Mihi, for your custom and the great feedback. Enjoy the aluminium blinds and I look forward to helping on the second stage.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I am so impressed and grateful for the prompt, efficient and speedy service I received. I placed my order last Friday and the aluminium blind arrived today, Wednesday in perfect order. Thank you, if only everyone could run their business as efficiently!

Marcia Ashenden

Torbay, Auckland - Nov 2016

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks Marcia, you’re welcome and I hope you enjoy that new aluminium blind.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Having been let down by one of the major service providers, I recently used the services of Blinds Online to wash and maintain aluminium blinds for my rental property. I was impressed by their prompt service, customer commitment and competitive pricing. I found that a refreshing change! I definitely plan to use Blinds Online in the future.

Ashley Barratt

Devonport, Auckland - Apr 2009

Here to impress and glad we did, Ashley. Thanks for your business and thanks for the great review. All very much appreciated. The aluminium blinds came up well.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Aluminium blind was delivered on time, of good quality and construction, and reasonably priced.

Linda Barton

Red Beach, Auckland - Apr 2019

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks for sharing your experience, Linda. Much appreciated. Glad you like your new aluminium blind.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I did quite a lot of shopping around for the best price/quality aluminium venetian blinds I could find, before deciding to go with Blinds Online. I'm really happy that I decided to do business with Ryan and am also really thrilled with the aluminium blinds I now have! Ryan was very professional and prompt with every enquiry and also did an excellent job on the actual installation. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with him and would thoroughly recommend Ryan and Blinds Online to anyone.

Michelle Gardner

Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland - Dec 2017

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

What a great review. Thanks a lot for your business, Michelle! I was a pleasure. I'm very glad you are so thrilled with the aluminium venetian blinds NZ. All the best and enjoy the aluminium blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Brilliant service from Ryan at Blindsonline!!!

Kelly Benns

Beachlands, Auckland - Sep 2018

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks Kelly, both your testimonial and business are much appreciated. Enjoy the aluminium blinds NZ. Till next next, have a good one, thanks Kelly.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

This business is a great example of how services and products should be. Great service, easy ordering, colour samples, and making sure the blinds will get to you on time.
Ryan is great to work with and I recommend his business highly:)

Fast response, help with how to measure, good prices and a no hassle service. Very easy to lodge a request and Ryan will double check if you missed anything plus send you colour samples is you'll want. Great service and aluminium blinds product (GOOGLE).

Ilan Blumentyal

Stanmore Bay, Orewa - May 2019

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

So happy to have impressed you so much, Ilan. Thanks for your business and thanks for taking the time to share your experience with all. Enjoy the aluminium venetian blinds. Till next time I can assist, thanks Ilan.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

'No words left, just a 5 star rating.'

Jim Browne

Hamilton - Jul 2018

Google Google | 5 Stars

Thanks Jim, all the best with the 25mm aluminium blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

After spending about a month researching the options we selected Ryan and Matt (Blinds Online) to fit our new house at Hobsonville Point, in Auckland. Not only were they very price competitive, the aluminium venetian blinds were ready when they said they would be and were installed quickly, neatly professionally by Matt. We have been really pleased with our decision since that time. Recently our 4 year old managed to break a part on one of the aluminium blinds. After a week trying all the possible companies in West Auckland, with no luck, we finally contacted Blinds Online again and were told "no problems, we'll sort it out". Excellent customer service. Toby.

Naomi & Toby Burge

Hobsonville, Auckland - Nov 2013

no cowboys |98% Rating

Thanks so much for such a detailed testimonial, Toby. Much appreciated. Glad the aluminium venetian blinds NZ have worked out so well for you. Cheers Toby and Naomi.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Blinds Online was recommended to me by a friend and I was not disappointed. Ryan's service was excellent and the prices quoted to us were very competitive. The job was completed on time and we are really happy with our new aluminium venetian blinds!

Lisa Camps

Forrest Hill, Auckland - Aug 2016

no cowboys |100% Rating

Thanks for the great testimonial Lisa. Was a pleasure working with you and I hope you enjoy the new aluminium venetian blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler



How much depth does my window need to comfortably fit your aluminium blinds?


Aluminium blinds are one of the most slimline blind types available, so they can fit in some of the shallowest window reveals, without protruding. To comfortably house an aluminium blind and its bracket within the window reveal you'd need at least 30mm depth so the face of the blind will be flush with the front of the architrave. When visualising aluminium blind placement do also think about any obstructions there may be along the blinds path when raised and lowered. More reveal depth may be required to miss handles and latches, etc. If there's plenty of depth I like to set the aluminium blind's face about 10mm back from the surface of the architrave. This I feel gives a good look, however perhaps hold the aluminium blind up in the window space to gauge where you'd like it placed (before installing) so it both looks good and misses any obstructions. If you intend to outside mount your aluminium blinds, on the architrave, they'd protrude approximately 30mm.


Your aluminium blinds are sent using a courier and/or freight company. Depending on the length of the aluminium blinds ordered will depend on who we use and whether orders are split or not. Anything over 2.4m will go with a freight company as opposed to being sent with a courier. If you have blinds close to or over 2.4m please don't be alarmed if your aluminium blinds don't all arrive at the same time.

Tips for receiving your aluminium blinds:

While the upmost care is taken getting your brand spanking new aluminium blinds to you safely – it is ALWAYS recommended that you sign for your packages as ‘subject to inspection’ no matter what condition you think the blinds are in by looking at the outside of the packaging, and if there is any visible damage, sign for as ‘damaged’. Any concerns with your new aluminium blinds – get in contact asap. Please check your goods – once accepted and signed for we cannot make a claim for damages with the courier company. This is an important aspect of receiving your new aluminium blinds.


On the off chance your new blind excitement is somewhat diminished, no fear we’re here, and you will have that moment of glee. On discovering any courier caused damage please repackage your aluminium blinds in much the same way they arrived...

Address to: c/-Blinds Online Ltd, 50 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013.

Then advise us by email that they’re ready to collect. Generally, leave them by the front door. They’ll be collected, returned to factory, made new or replaced and sent back as quick as practical. You will have that new aluminium blind experience!


If one of the aluminium blinds doesn't look to be damaged however after installing it, it doesn't tilt or operate in some way as it should; something may have moved or become dislodged in the blind headrail, in transit. This is usually an easy fix by you and me over the phone. Email me a description of what the aluminium blind is doing or isn't doing properly, along with some days and times that may suit you, for me to call. Include a photo with your email, showing how the aluminium blind isn't quite working right. This helps me considerably in getting to the root of the issue.

If we find something that the factory will need to tend to, you'll need to repackage and address the aluminium blind as above in the previous FAQ.

TIP: Looking inside the headrail while comparing it to another working aluminium blind's headrail sometimes makes what may have moved, obvious.

NB: From time to time this sort of thing can happen in transit. Please know that all aluminium blinds without exception leave the factory in perfect working condition. In assembling and completing the aluminium blind it is operated as if it would be in your home.


You’ve spent good money on great blinds – don’t get complacent; with a little love now and again you’ll get years and years out of your aluminium blinds. Close the aluminium blind slats to gently dust with a duster or soft cloth or to vacuum on the lowest setting with a soft brush attachment (test this last method gently first). For a more thorough clean, sponge down the aluminium blinds with a mild soapy detergent in warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Professional blind cleaning is recommended annually or every 2nd year to get the longest life out of your aluminium blinds – I recommend Bruce and his team at


This phenomenon is standard across all brands, makes, and types of venetian blinds, without exception. When tilted closed, the aluminium blind blades don't close as tightly the closer you get to the bottom of the blind. While the tilt mechanism is working hard to close the blades it succeeds closest to the headrail but its ability to close the blades further down the aluminium blind is reduced. This isn't really noticeable across all aluminium blind sizes, its more detectable on full drop aluminium blinds due to their longer drop and due to the angle these venetian blinds are commonly viewed at; from a position stood in front, looking down. This gap increase can't be avoided; you have drop, weight and ladder stretch preventing the tilt mechanisms from ever closing the lower blades as tightly as the higher ones. This doesn't jeopardise your privacy however the light leaks will be greater near the bottom of full drop aluminium blinds. This is described to set the right expectations when selecting aluminium blinds for your needs.


On the rare occasion (with new blinds) a 'bottom plug' works itself free; it is a relatively easy fix which is best done while the aluminium blind is hanging in situ. We can either send out the missing bottom plug part (please confirm how many you need), or we can repair the aluminium blind in factory, while you wait (East Tamaki, Auckland – 10min repair). If you are out of Auckland the aluminium blind can be returned for repair under warranty. Please note, the freight cost back to the factory, under warranty, is your cost. Choose the approach that best suits your situation. For aluminium blind repairs over 3 years or outside warranty conditions please contact Bruce and his team at (Auckland wide).

Repair description: The aluminium blind cord that runs down through the blind needs to be pulled back down through the blade slat holes again; if it has travelled up the blind at all. Alternate (zigzag) which side of the 'ladder’ rungs you feed the cord as you go back down. It's a good idea to view the other intact cords to get an idea of how this all works. Then pull the cord through the aluminium bottom rail, then through the new bottom plug. Knot the cord twice where it was knotted before. You will probably see a kink in the cord showing where it was knotted previously. Feed the extra ‘ladder’ back into the aluminium blind bottom rail hole from underneath before firmly fitting the new bottom plug in place. If the bottom rail doesn't quite sit level as it used to, the new knots won't quite be where the old ones were. Rather than redo these knots again and again, it is easier to undo the knot at the pull cord end of the aluminium blind cords, and pull each individual cord, while holding the bottom rail down. Make sure the 'cord-lock' mechanism isn't preventing the cords to be pulled freely. You are pulling each individual cord so they have the same tension or length on them before re-knotting. Let me know how you go.


One screw per aluminium blind bracket is what is required. In terms of how many brackets per blind, we supply what you need, however the guidelines below should help you divvy them out between the blinds appropriately. These guidelines are part of the full installation instructions you will be sent before you receive your aluminium blinds, as well as being available in the INSTALLING section higher up this page. Brackets per aluminium blind guidelines: Blind Width: 0m – 1m use 2 brackets. Blind Width: 1m – 2m use 3 brackets. Blind Width: 2m – 3m use 4 brackets. Blind Width: 3m – 4m use 5 brackets.


Thanks for bringing any concerns to my attention. It is seldom we have issues with blinds, which is due to choosing lasting quality parts and reputable manufacturers. However, if you do have an issue, we want to sort it for you. Please read below and take the best steps forward for your situation. It would pay to read our warranty fully. Don't panic, it's not long and wordy. (see the PDF in the WARRANTY section). Basically, we don't cover repairs where the aluminium blinds have been subject to misuse, negligence, incorrect installation, accidental damage or improper maintenance. We require the aluminium blinds to be returned to factory, where they can be best remedied. It would also pay to scan the other FAQS as some minor issues may be best dealt with in a different manner. For issues under warranty please either adequately package and send to: c/-Blinds Online Ltd, 50 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013. Or if you are within Auckland feel free to visit the factory. Number 1 Blinds, 50 Neilpark Drive, East Tamaki​, Auckland. Opening Hrs: Mon-Thu 8am-5pm, Fri 8am-3pm. Please see Mani in production. We would hope to repair the issue while you wait however this is not always possible. For aluminium blind repairs outside warranty conditions or over the 3 year warranty period please contact Bruce and his team directly at (Auckland wide).