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Make exterior areas around your home more hospitable with outdoor blinds. Pleasant spaces the whole family can enjoy; safe from the sun, rain, and wind while retaining the outdoor feeling. Learn about our Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds here. Scroll down or use the 'nav-bar' below. For a quote send in the overall width X drop of the areas you'd envisioned putting outdoor blinds as well as some photos so we can help gauge suitability. Outdoor Blinds are DIY nationwide (you'll need a competent handyman or builder) or we can offer SERVICE within the greater Auckland area.




High Quality yet Economical


4–5 weeks


2–10 years*


Order before November 27


Creating Outdoor Space / Wind Protection


20+ Years Experience


4.5m X 3m drop


PVC or MESH options

Omni screens

Omni Screens are an all-purpose exterior screen system designed for style and functionality and the ever-changing weather conditions we experience here in New Zealand. Suitable for both residential or commercial spaces, Omni Screens are kind of like interior roller blind but on steroids and specifically designed for outdoor living. They can use either PVC (clear or tinted), or a mesh fabric. Controlled manually via a crank handle, or motorised. And available in two configuration types; Omni Lite or Omni Channel...

Omni Lite

OMNI LITE is the more economical, minimal straight drop screen approach. You manually crank handle it up and down; it anchors to the ground when lowered and rolls neatly away at the top when not in use. If there is risk of wind or gusts please have one person cranking while another is guiding/controlling the screen while it travels up or down. This is safest approach and will avoid potential damage caused to the screen, to your home, or to innocent passersby

Omni Channel

OMNI CHANNEL is the slightly more expensive, however safer to operate in windier conditions, more weather tight screen approach. It is essentially the Omni Lite with the addition of side channels to increase protection and provide a streamlined finish. With the introduction of side channels the screen is guided and secured as it goes up and down making its operation a one person event. You either manually crank handle it up and down, or it can motorised

Alpha motorisation

We use Alpha motors to motorise our Omni Screens. We have had next to no issues with these motors and they come with a 7 year warranty. Where motorisation is required please add $855 per Omni Screen. This additional cost includes the motor and either a remote control or a wall switch depending on your preference. Motors need to be HARD WIRED into your home power; please see your electrician for their additional costs toward doing this

Pelmets are highly recommended when motorising which add weather protection for the motors. Pelmets are required for the motor to be covered by warranty and are included in any motorised Omni quote

Outdoor living, quickly

Once you give us the go ahead Omni Screens take about 4–5 weeks to manufacture and despatch. Add about another week max for freight to most parts of NZ. While interior blind products include freight right to your door, omni screens are treated differently. Due to the nature of exterior products and their higher comparative weights, freight is included to your closest Mainfreight or Daily Freight depot where you would need to collect promptly. We can arrange freight to your door in most areas however this is extra to your quote total. As a rough guide add $60–70 per screen

Our omni screens are manufactured here in NZ

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Clear or Tinted PVC, or choose from a range of Mesh colours

Omni Screen outdoor blinds can use clear or tinted PVC or can use an exterior grade sunscreen mesh; Shadeview Urban. Choose depending on what type of environment you want to create. If you are likely to proceed we can send out loan samples to ensure you know what you are choosing

Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Pvc Clear
Clear (PVC)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Pvc Tinted
Tinted (PVC)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Almond
Almond (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Bracken
Bracken (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Flint
Flint (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Galaxy
Galaxy (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Graphite
Graphite (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Havana
Havana (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Iceberg
Iceberg (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Marble
Marble (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Mushroom
Mushroom (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Pewter
Pewter (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Putty
Putty (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Quartz
Quartz (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Static
Static (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Stone
Stone (Mesh)
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Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds Shadeview Urban Suede
Suede (Mesh)
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We source the PVC we use from Japan where it is designed and manufactured by a company committed to excellence. If a completely see-through solution and unobstructed view is required this is the best solution. PVC provides full rain and wind protection for your outdoor space. Choose from either clear or tinted PVC

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Shadeview Urban Mesh

Shadeview Urban Mesh diffuses light and retains your view to some extent while still protecting you and your outdoor space from the elements. Available in 15 popular colours across the its range. With a high-shade factor, blocking up to 97 percent of the sun’s rays, the mesh approach will reduce the temperature inside your home and the space you have created. Making for a more comfortable living and decreasing your energy costs

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Comprehensive warranty

Your stylish and functional Omni Screens come with an impressive 2–10 year warranty. Covering important aspects of lasting quality outdoor screens, from hardware and components, to the PVC or mesh itself. Please download and read the full Omni Screen warranty below.

Operational care & maintenance recommendations are also included in the Warranty PDF

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Download full warranty PDF: Warranty



How long have you been making outdoor blinds?


We've been manufacturing and supplying Omni Screen Outdoor Blinds for around 5 years as of 2023. This product was brought to market using extensive industry and product knowledge and has been specially designed to suit typical Kiwi outdoor areas and environments. We extrude, manufacture, and assemble the Omni system ourselves here, in factory, in Auckland. Deep Channel / Café Screens similar to our Omni Outdoor Screen have been working well in the NZ market for 30+ years now


It may be helpful to know the weight of an Omni Screen outdoor blind, for when you are planning installation, which is usually a two person job. Or for when you are deciding whether you want us to arrange residential delivery (extra cost, see the below FAQ) or are considering collecting the outdoor blind from your nearest Mainfreight depot to which we can send it freight included. To give you an idea of weight; a larger 3.3m wide X 2.4m drop Omni Screen outdoor blind weighs around 30kg. Once the outdoor blind is properly installed, weight isn't a factor to concern yourself with as it uses a gearbox system in terms of its operation. Lifting the outdoor blind is near effortless on your behalf. It is either motorised or utilises a manual crank handle attached to the gearbox winding mechanism


Every other product here at Blinds Online Ltd has the freight to your door built in and is very competitive. When it comes to heavier, more expensive to freight, outdoor products (Omni Screens and Awnings) we take a different approach. Freight is included up to the closest Mainfreight depot to your location. From here you could collect promptly from the depot. Bear in mind the weight (see the FAQ above) and the length of the product to consider whether it will fit in your vehicle and whether you will be able to safely 'man-handle' (or woman-handle) it at your end. If you decide it is easier to have the Omni Screen delivered residentially to your home use $60 per screen as a good guideline to estimate cost (without me knowing your exact address as you read this)


Yes. Fabric choices and whether you want motorisation aside, there are two main approaches to Omni Screen outdoor blinds; the OMNI LITE and the OMNI CHANNEL which are detailed below...

OMNI LITE is the economical, straight drop, minimal approach to outdoor screens. With a crank handle attached you manually wind the screen up and down. It safely anchors to the ground (anchors included) when lowered and rolls away neatly at the top when not in use. If there is any wind please have one person cranking while the other safely guides the screen up or down. Guiding the screen, as it isn't secured on the sides is the safest approach to ensure everyone is safe including your home and the screen itself when Omni Lite is chosen

OMNI CHANNEL is the slightly more expensive, however easier to operate solo, more weather tight outdoor screen approach. It is essentially the Omni Lite with the addition of side channels which increase wind protection and deliver a more streamlined finish. With the introduction of side channels the screen is guided and secured as it goes up and down making operation a one person event. Once the screen is down slide bolts in the bottom rail secure it to the side channels

Please advise which option, OMNI LITE or OMNI CHANNEL, is more appropriate when sending in your quote request


Either by hand, manually, with the aid of a crank handle, or you can motorise them for complete ease of operation. If you are unsure which way to go (manual or motorised) request that I detail both options when sending in your quote form. Motorisation adds $855 per screen however you'll also need to factor in whatever your electrician will charge to wire it up into the house power supply

NOTE: If you are motorising the OMNI LITE option you will still need to closely monitor and hold the bottom rail as it raises or lowers to safe guard it from wind. The Omni Lite isn't held on the sides like the Omni Channel option so it does need you to oversee it going up and down for important safety reasons


The Omni Channel can be set at different heights. You may wish to have set heights other than completely down to allow for some airflow in particular circumstances. Extra holes in the side channels, at the desired heights, for the slide locks to lock into, will need to be drilled, ideally during installation


We unfortunately don't have a showroom setup to show off our Omni outdoor screens currently. I can provide plenty of literature, photos, and ensure you the manufacturers of this product have been making these successfully for many years now


While it is pretty cool sitting back and hitting a remote to make your outdoor blind go down, you will still need to manually engage the slide-locks on the bottom rail once it is lowered, to secure the outdoor blind in place. It's not the end of the world if you become too lazy to engage the slide-locks manually, however if the wind does pick up, your outdoor blind will move around a bit. It is better if you lock the bottom rail in place in most situations


Once your Omni Outdoor Blind is down it is ideal to manually activate the slide-locks to hold the screen in position and stop it moving or rattling in the wind. When it comes to lifting your motorised outdoor blind remember to first disengage the slide-locks before pressing the 'up' button. While the motor will cut out via its built-in torque stop feature, some damage to the slide-locks/channel isn't out of the question. Damage caused in this manner is not covered in your warranty. It is best to remember to disengage the slide-locks first.