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Thinking shutters? You’ll learn all you need to know about shutters right here; from what to ask potential suppliers to weed out the ‘not so great’ products, to lead time, warranty and what my existing clients think about their shutters in the reviews section. Scroll or use the nav bar links below. When you're ready, get a shutter quote by hitting the ‘Get A Quote’ button and supplying approximate width and drop dimensions plus a photo of each window or door space you need shutters for. You’ll get an accurate shutter quote quick-smart and if proceeding we pop out to check measure and confirm all the details, before getting your shutters underway – Ryan.



Mid Range – Premium


Basswood, Basstech, Cedar or PVC


8–12 weeks, incl installation


3–20 years


20+ years experience on hand

white sliding shutters in a modern kitchen environment

Installation only.

With many aspects to consider, shutters are a service only solution at this stage (No DIY sorry). Currently servicing your shutter requirements in Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay, New Plymouth, Wellington, Queenstown and Christchurch. Start by hitting the ‘Get A Quote’ link; send in approximate dimensions (width X drop) and a photo of each window area. The photo gives me an idea of layout so I can provide the most accurate shutter quote straight away; which you'll have before you know it.

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In's and out's overview.

Shutters come as Basswood (Wooden), Ecosmart (PVC), Basstech (a combination of wood and PVC), or Cedar. They all look the same when painted however each have their own strengths and limitations. Timber is lighter so larger panels and widths can be achieved. PVC shutters are ideal in the wetter areas of your home and have superior thermal properties. Depending on your needs, the available configurations, and our recommendations and experience, shutters can be fixed, hinged, bifold or sliding and come with either 47, 63, 89 or 114mm blades. No need to feel overwhelmed however; start with 'Get a Quote' – we can iron out the finer details along the way and on site when we visit to check measure.

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controlling light using shutters in a lounge setting
shutters for privacy in the bathroom

Ecosmart (PVC).

Wet, wild, and steamy situations call for Ecosmart (PVC) shutters. And if you’re looking for superior thermal properties in a shutter system then Ecosmart is the answer too. Weighing in heavier than the Basswood option, and without the wood grain for extra stength, PVC shutters can’t do the same wider panel widths. Don't panic however, we'll guide you toward making the best decisions based on your window layouts, budget and expectations. Plus, by choosing an exterior paint finish and stainless steel hardware Ecosmart shutters can also be used in outdoor situations, or indoor situations where they are in direct contact with water spray.

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Basswood shutters.

Timber shutters are lighter than their PVC counterparts, so wider shutter panels can be achieved; up to 950mm wide per panel. This benefit comes into play when spanning wider openings with less panels and often when trying to mirror the layout of your windows and doors. Basswood shutters are needed if doing hinged bi-fold shutters or speciality shaped shutters (PVC can't be used for those applications). Basswood timber has been utilised in shutter construction for 10-15 years now; it’s reliable and one of the straightest hard woods available globally.

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timber shutters great for bedrooms

Traps for the weary.

You’re spending good money on shutters so best you know how to weed out the 'really not so good' shutter solutions that are available out there.

TIP 1: Ascertain the exact material shutters are being made from – there are still companies using MDF which is both carcinogenic and banned in the US and other countries. MDF lacks the same strength and readily absorbs water when their plastic wrap is compromised. Not all 'wooden' shutters are created equal either; we use Basswood or Cedar, both are solid reliable timbers used in superior shutter construction.

TIP 2: How many layers of paint often equate to how good the finish and look will be and how prone to chipping or cracking the shutters will be or not. Ours are the best finish I've seen and are currently the only shutters using an eco-friendly water based paint system.

TIP 3: Read shutter warranties fully; some bold warranty statements diminish once the fine print is examined in detail.

TIP 4: All our shutters are constructed using mortise and tenon joints; the most stable of joint construction. Some suppliers simply don’t use proven shutter practices – please ask questions about shutter construction to ensure you’re choosing a product that will last.

TIP 5: Ask how years experience (specifically making shutters) manufacturers have and to how many countries their shutters are supplied. We use MYT Shutters in China who supply Europe, Australia, Africa, and America and who are constantly tweaking and innovating at the forefront of the shutter industry. Some manufacturers simply do not rival MYT's experience and level of product. I have used two other suppliers before being blown away by the level of shutters we are now able to offer.

home office using shutters for light control

Showroom visits.

While our installers do carry sample shutter panels and all the frame types and colours; you may wish to visit our 36 Crooks Rd, East Tamaki, Auckland based showroom during the week. View the different shutter options available, side by side, and see how good our shutter solutions really are compared to other shutter offerings. Showroom visits are by appointment only: 9am – 3:30pm, Monday to Friday. Please email your preferred visit time to

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Keep that showroom shine.

With just a little effort you’ll keep those shutters looking brand spanking new. Wipe with a damp cloth and maybe a mild detergent mixed in water as part of your regular shutter showroom shine program. Take pride and your shutters will be the subject of much lively discussion around your home for years to come. NB: Don’t directly spray or wet shutters and keep any magnets dry.

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natural look timber shutters in a bedroom
kitchen using shutters on windows for a modern look

Over budget?

Having got a few quotes and knowing the right questions to ask (detailed above) you’ll see we are priced spot on for a higher level true quality shutter. That being said, shutters are more expensive than blinds and sometimes just out of reach financially. We can spread your shutter payments over the 8–12 weeks it takes to manufacture, ship and install, if that helps. Or the back-up products worth considering, in place of shutters, are the bold 60mm white woodens or the even more economical 50mm wooden venetians.

Width, height, photo. Quote done.

Get your shutters accurately quoted online now; without arranging visits, waiting and taking time out of your day. Hit ‘Get A Quote’ and send in the approximate measurements and a photo of each window or door space you want shutters for. From there I’ll send you an accurate quote we can discuss. If proceeding we’ll visit to check measure, choose the desired shutter frame, colour and blade size. Shutters couldn’t be easier! ‘Get A Quote’ now.

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shutters in a bedroom setting

Good things worth waiting for. 

Once all your shutter details are confirmed we’ll have them manufactured and professionally installed for you by one of our experienced installers within 8–12 working weeks. They are manufactured in China and shipped by sea. The 8–12 weeks allows for shutter manufacture, shipping, port and customs clearance, then getting them freighted to your installer within NZ. With so many steps along the way, shutter installs aren’t booked ahead of time. Thanks for your patience; as you can see there is a bit involved bringing this product to you however it's always worth the wait; all our shutter products look amazing.

Better warranty.

Your stylish new wooden or PVC shutters all come with a 3–20 year warranty. Covering important shutter aspects like joinery, construction, workmanship, paint or stain finishes, as well as materials, shutter hardware, and protection from excessive fading. For your full shutter warranty please download and read the below warranty PDF.

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shutters in the bathroom to control light and privacy

Download full warranty PDF: Warranty

Feedback specific to our shutters.

Over 462+ Online reviews | 4.9 Google & 98% on no cowboys profiles

Ryan Ambler

Fantastic service, over the moon with our beautiful shutters, thank you so much!

Alecia Donald

Te Atatu Peninsular, Auckland - Sep 2014

no cowboys |100% Rating

Oh yes those shutters look great don't they! That was a good install; they look really good. Thanks Alecia for your business and review. You're welcome and glad you're wrapped with the new shutters.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

We recently used Ryan to get some shutters. We are very happy with the workmanship and the quality of our shutters. Ryan is very efficient and very pleasant to work with.

Josie Cunningham

Northcote Point, Auckland - Nov 2018

Google Google | 5 Stars     no cowboys |100% Rating

An absolute pleasure every time, Josie. Enjoy the shutters; they transformed that room well!

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I was very happy with the shutters pricing and service and would not hesitate to use them again.

Jane Bawden

Westmere, Auckland - May 2019

no cowboys |100% Rating

Sounds good and thanks to you, Jane. Was a pleasure; look forward to assisting in future. Enjoy the bay window shutters! They look amazing.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler



Do shutters provide complete room darkening when closed?


Shutters are not designed as a complete light blocking product or solution. While providing better room darkening results than venetians or standard roller blinds, light will bleed between the blades and between the shutter frame and panels. Depending on the angle and intensity of the light; the 'light bleeds' between blades may not be consistent with each other across your shutters. This does not indicate a product defect; light bends and will at times magnify the smallest of differences in manufacturing tolerances. Running your hand gently across the shutter blades, when shut, will further minimise light bleeds. However as said above there is no guaranteed uniformity to light bleeds, due to manufacturing processes, tolerances, and the very nature of light itself. For the most people shutter blades are angled open during the day so this isn't an issue. If you need absolute room darkening results, shutters alone may not be the product you are looking for.


Yes we do. There are two sliding shutter options; bi-fold shutters on track or sliding shutter panels on track.

'Bi-fold shutters on track' can all stack one way if you wish (all stacked to the left or all stacked to the right) and must be in multiples of 2 panels. For example: If you needed 6 panels total, you cannot do 3 panels one way and 3 the other way. You'd need to do 4 panels one way and 2 panels the other way or stack all 6 shutter panels to one side. NB: The shutter panels of a 'bi-fold on track' system do not fold all the way back to the wall like a standard hinged bi-fold shutter; they stick 90º degrees into the room. Maximum shutter panel widths for bi-folds on track are between 600 and 700mm depending on the shutter material used.

Alternatively shutter panels can slide directly on tracks (not bi-folding). Sliding shutters come in either a 180 or 220mm deep frame depending on the chosen shutter blade size and whether you want the shutter panels to slide with the blades open or with the blades shut. Maximum panel width is 1080mm and two panels can be joined together to slide as one giving you one whole panel of 1850mm for example.


It’s not a recommended practice to use 'hang strips' in lieu of shutter frames. It’s a cost cutting approach taken by some companies for the most part and can come with consequences over time. We have first-hand encountered and heard about issues with other companies shutters sagging when just using 'hang strips'. This is due to all the shutter panel weight going onto the hinges and hinge screws without the support of a full shutter frame. Causing hinges to loosen over time and shutter panels to ‘sag’. Keep in mind the bigger the shutter panel the more chance it has of ‘sagging’ over time. Using shutter frames and in particular bottom frames drastically helps protect against potential 'sagging' issues on shutters. Please also know that shutters are not designed to be kept open for lengths of time.

Hang strips are not a tidy professional look or finish in my opinion. Shutters correctly framed really enhance your window spaces and reduce light gaps that would be present with just ‘hang strips’. Properly framing shutters is also a more thermally efficient approach. If any of your window frames are out of square, which is all too common, the usual tricks to getting your shutters looking right go out the window if you’re installing on ‘hang strips’ alone. If you insist on using 'hang strips' we will only do so for single panels. All bi-folding shutters have to have a bottom frame due to the extra weights involved. We don’t provide our same extensive warranty if you want to use ‘hang strips’.

The main reasons I find that people want 'hang strips' in lieu of shutter frames is that they feel the shutter frame will take up too much extra room in the window space; especially smaller windows, and/or they've seen this approach elsewhere and are happy with the look. Lastly, sometimes the positioning of your window handles in conjunction with shallow window reveals may dictate that 'hang strips' are used. Any concerns can be addressed on site at the check measure before proceeding with an order.


The short answer is YES. The longer answer which looks at shutter aesthetic, practical and cost saving considerations goes like this: Shutters with a top section and a bottom section, that operate separately from each other, can be achieved by either ‘double hung’ shutters or ‘split blade’ shutters. The longer answer is...

Double Hung Shutters:

As part of your new shutter framing, a horizontal tee post can be included at a desired height so you end up with two separate shutter panels; one shutter panel above the horizontal tee post and one shutter panel below the horizontal tee post. There is no extra cost to you in terms of the overall shutter product price however this method does attract a higher installation cost. Shutter installation is based on $60 per panel commonly. For example: Double Hanging what could have been 2 shutter panels, makes a $120 install into a $240 shutter install with 4 shutter panels.

Where the double hung approach comes in to its own is where there is an obstacle near the shutters, like a bed, bath, or chest of drawers etc, which would stop a full height shutter panel from opening. We’d measure and place a horizontal tee post above the obstacle so that while the bottom shutter panel can stay closed, you can still hinge open the top shutter panel clearing the obstacle. Another situation where double hung shutters can be used is when the window height is greater than the maximum panel height allowed for shutter integrity (strength wise). Employing this method means you can have a separate shutter panel above the main opening shutter below.

Split Blade Shutters:

If there aren’t obstacles or height considerations as above in ‘Double Hung’ Shutters then ‘Splitting the Blades’ into different sections can be a good way to keep a cleaner look (as there are less stiles and framing). Shutter blades are opened and angled by grabbing one of the shutter blades and tilting; the rest will follow. So by having a ‘break’ in the hidden tilt bar you can essentially break the shutter panel up into 2 sets of blades that can be operated separately of each other. The factory would normally do this to our specification, after consulting with you on your needs, however it can be done on site if you decide later it’s essential. Over a shutter height of 1300mm a break must be introduced anyway; shutter panels under 1300mm can be split if and where required. There is no extra cost for ‘split blade’ shutters.

‘Split blade’ shutters are a single panel while ‘double hung’ shutters is more than one shutter panel above and below each other. I feel the best approach is to ‘split blades’ rather than ‘double hang’ shutters, unless there is a good reason to do so.


We can provide shutters for most shaped windows. Whether they are raked, inclined, tapered, circles, semi circle, arched, or octagonal (and more) we should be able to manufacture your shutters. Just email in a photo of the window space you're considering shutters for, along with the overall width and height and I'll let you know whether we can help. You can do this through the 'Get A Quote' link above. Basswood, Basstech, and Cedar can be used for speciality shaped shutters. The Ecosmart (PVC) shutters cannot be ulitised for speciality shape shutters.


When getting a shutter quote including high, hard to reach window spaces (around 3m and higher) please mention these and give an approximate height from the floor to the window sill along with the more standard details required for quoting: width, height and a photo of the space requiring shutters.

There will likely be extra charges for shutter installs over 3 metres where extension ladders, scaffold, or additional installers may be required. We don't take risks and installs will be done safely. Scaffolds with rails are required for work health and safety reasons on jobs over 3 meters high. All quotes are subject to a site visit.

In terms of reaching your shutters once installed – there isn't any magical solution however we have recommended and seen success with a suitable length of extendible window cleaners pole with t-bar and soft sleeve. People generally set the shutter blade angle as desired and leave.


Shutters are not a DIY product. There are a ridiculous amount of considerations to get right at both the shutter measuring and installation stages for shutters to look and operate at their best. All the different shutter materials have their own nuances and manufacturing and sizing limitations. The size and layout of your windows and doors need to be carefully considered when measuring and choosing the best shutter product for you. While it is a good idea to educate yourself about the product to a degree through these FAQS, all the product advice and measuring is handled by myself and our trained installers. I encourage you to 'Get A Quote' initially and ask me any questions you may have. Please also send a photo of each window or door space you need shutters for as this helps me with shutter layout and allows me to get you the most accurate quote right from the beginning. If things are looking right for you, a trained installer would come out to measure, go through the final choices (shutter colour, frame type and blade size) before proceeding with your shutters order.