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Scroll up and down to find all there is to know about sunscreen blinds. Hit the links on the super handy nav bar (just below) to go straight to the section you need. Learn what to ask suppliers to ensure you’re getting ‘long lasting quality’ sunscreen blinds. How to measure and install like the professionals, available fabrics, popular FAQS and links to ‘Get A Quote’. Whether you’re a DIY type or need us to take care of it all, customise your service, right here – Ryan.



No Frills – Premium


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2–4 weeks + delivery


3 years


Retaining View / Reducing Glare


3200 *(see FAQS)


Acmeda Components / Reputable NZ Fabrics

seaside lounge room with white sunscreen blinds

So easy with sunscreens.

One of the great things about sunscreen blinds is they are so easy to use. With one control chain you lower or lift your sunscreen blind to exactly where you want it. Cut back daytime glare while keeping some light coming in and your view out. There’s no constant dusting or adjusting them like with venetians for example. Sunscreen blinds protect your floors and furniture by cutting back that harsh NZ UV while not giving you a feeling of being trapped indoors. They are super low maintenance; just make sure you pick a supplier that uses lasting quality parts and fabrics. This will ensure your sunscreen blinds will last for years and years to come.

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Question suppliers!

There are plenty of companies that cut corners to deliver the lowest priced sunscreen blinds. You don’t have to look hard; they kept me busy for years when we used to repair blinds. This is why there are no compromises made here; only lasting quality sunscreen blinds. Ask what the brand of componentry is and where it’s made. So many parts are out of China and Taiwan and are simply not designed to last in our sun. Nor are the fabrics; ask who their suppliers are. We only use reputable NZ based fabric suppliers for good reasons. Most people tick off, “yes the fabric is the same” when they compare quotes. That’s the beginning of your due diligence, not the end. Read through the FAQS for tips and questions to help you choose true quality sunscreen blinds.

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modern apartment with sunscreen blinds
sunscreen blinds reducing glare in a kitchen

DIY or service?

If you’re one of the many DIY characters out there; we deliver your sunscreen blinds anywhere a courier goes. Choose the DIY option. If you’re in or around one of the main New Zealand centres and you’d prefer to sit back and let us check measure and install; no problem! Choose the service option. If you’re on the fence and think you might want to be a DIY character; read on for the measuring and install tips you’d need to get it done like a pro. Sunscreen blinds are relatively easy to install when following our step by step instructions.

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Night time privacy?

During the daytime you can look out your sunscreen blinds (to differing degrees) while people outside can’t see in. Sunscreen blinds are great for daytime privacy. However, come night time this phenomenon is reversed somewhat. People can’t see in with total clarity, it’s more blurry shapes really. While some people are fine with this level of privacy or lack of, many aren’t and will have some other window covering used in conjunction with their sunscreen blinds.

sunscreen blinds providing privacy in the bathroom
large sunscreen blinds in office foyer environment

3%, 5%, 10%....?

While looking into sunscreen blinds you may quickly discover the fabrics are often referred to as a percentage value. There is 3%, 5%, and 10% commonly, with even a sneaky 6% available sometimes. These values refer to the ‘openness factor’ of the sunscreen blind fabric and indicates how much light is passing through. For example: a 5% sunscreen blind fabric lets 5% of the sunlight pass, while blocking 95% of it out. These percentages may also help you decide which way to go in terms of view and privacy; 3% cuts back the most light and gives you the least amount of view. 10% gives you the most view. 5% sunscreen blinds are a good balance and is most often chosen by clients.

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Colour impacts glare and heat.

Following on from above (in the quest to make your perfect sunscreen blind decisions) is the influence fabric colour makes on both heat and glare. Darker colours attract more heat but reduce glare and provide a better view. Lighter colours reflect more heat but can be quite ‘glarey’ to look at and hard to see out through when the sun is directly hitting the sunscreen blind (especially straight white colours). When choosing colour consider and weigh up the path of the sun, the above points, but also make sure you complement your existing carpets, floors and décor.

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cutting back the suns glare with a sunscreen blind
sunscreen blind componentry closeups

Acmeda componentry.

Further above goes into how and why it is essential to question what componentry suppliers are using. This comes out of years of seeing how and where roller blinds fail and what componentry lasts and what doesn’t. Acmeda componentry is NOT a brand I’m stuck using; it is chosen and specced by me after years of experience in the blind repair industry and ensures that you and I remain friends for years to come. ‘Componentry’ includes the roller head tube where wall thickness and adequate reinforced tube webbing dictate the ease of operation, deflection, and how the fabric will ‘hang’. Control ends, idle ends, control chains (all the plastic stuff) are made using high-grade plastics, designed to be used in our sun, and are far superior than the majority of options out there. Acmeda is a leading parts manufacturer whom others attempt to copy and fall short in my experience.

Worth the wait.

Allow for 3–4 weeks for manufacture – for the main range of sunscreen blinds using all Acmeda components and head tubes etc. The more basic ‘no frills’ range of sunscreen blinds can be done in 10-12 working days however you forgo the Acmeda componentry. Add between 1–4 days for couriering your sunscreen blinds to you (depending on where in NZ you are) or to arrange installation if we’re doing that for you. Great sunscreen blinds aren’t rushed; they are made with care, lasting components, and reputable NZ based fabrics.

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Pick a colour or colour combo.

All the sunscreen blind fabrics we offer are from reputable long established NZ based fabric suppliers. We don’t compromise, so your blinds will last, and you’ll want to tell all your friends for years to come. All these sunscreen blind fabrics are designed to cope with our higher UV conditions. Don’t waste your time and money on poor quality sunscreen blind fabrics not knowing the origin of parts and fabrics. Use the fabric selector to narrow down choices and choose the right colours for your home. For the tighter budgets, you can also search by price. If you get stuck with any aspect of sunscreen blinds just ask me to assist.


Measuring made easy.

Measuring for sunscreen blinds is made easy with the following steps. Breath, stay focused, check you wrote the numbers off the tape measure correctly, and you’ll be fine. Whether you want your sunscreen blinds ‘inside the reveal’ or ‘outside the reveal’ there are pdf instructions below. The more common approach is to install within the reveal and the following 3 steps outline that approach…

Measure in 3 steps

1. Measure width.

Grab a tape measure with millimetres. We’re going to measure hard ‘wood to wood’ inside your window reveal. This approach when followed never fails to deliver perfect fitting sunscreen blinds. Measure the width at 3 different heights and use the smallest measurement. This allows for any warping or bowing in your window frames and has you reading the tape measure more than once. Measure near the bottom, somewhere in the middle, and at the top. Hold the measuring tape level to ensure accurate measurements are read and as mentioned above measure wood to wood; inside edge to inside edge of the window reveal. On wider windows employ a willing apprentice to hold one end of the measuring tape for you. Remember, it’s the lowest measurement in mm you want to provide.

2. Measure drop.

Measuring for the sunscreen blind drop isn’t as intense or crucial as measuring for width. Just hold the measuring tape perpendicular to the sill and measure once, in one spot. There’s always a little extra fabric in the sunscreen blind so you don’t need to be as accurate by measuring three times. Make note of the drop dimension in millimetres.

3. Send dimensions.

There you go that wasn’t too hard was it. Sunscreen blinds perfectly measured for every time. Now click ‘Get A Quote’ and send them in for a quote. If you want us to check measure then approximate dimensions will do for quoting. We’ll get them exact when we visit, before manufacture. Exact width and drop dimensions will be required from DIY clients before confirming your order.

Download PDF measuring instructions: Inside the Reveal Outside the Reveal

sunscreen blinds over a sliding door in a homes lounge area

Easy to install.

Install your sunscreen blinds, no swearing involved, by following these 3 steps. The majority of sunscreen blinds are installed within the window reveal and use the following procedure. If you’re installing outside the reveal or for other trickier sunscreen blind scenarios you’ll find these approaches supplied as PDF’s further on down. Now let’s get your blinds installed like a pro…

1. The right stuff.

It’s always a good idea to assemble the bits and pieces you’ll need to successfully install your sunscreen blinds first. Screws (as supplied or to your preference), and the screwdriver to match. Or maybe you know what you’re doing when it comes to using a power drill. If so you’ll need the right bit for the chosen screws and maybe a 2mm drill bit to pre-drill your holes even. Add to this, a tape measure, pencil, and step ladder and you’re in good shape for a successful install.

2. Fix brackets.

You’re all ready to go. Brackets go up first and there is two per sunscreen blind. Each bracket in the pair look quite different to each other. The bracket with the ‘pokey outey’ bit is for the control chain end of the sunscreen blind and the other one is for the ‘idle end’ or ‘pin end’ of the blind. Hold the brackets up within the reveal and visualise where they’ll go so the fall of the fabric is within the window reveal and is going to miss any handles etc. With the bracket held in place mark where the screws will go, up through the top of the bracket (2 screws per bracket). Perhaps use the tape measure to ensure you’re setting the sunscreen blinds at the same depth in the reveal from side to side and window to window. Pilot holes are a good idea to help screws go in easily and prevent any wood splitting. Tighten screws to secure those brackets.

3. Fit sunscreen roller blind.

Take the sunscreen blind out of its packaging however leave the band secured around its middle. If you have straight white sunscreen blinds or overly grubby fingers perhaps read ahead to TIP 1.

Offer up the control end of the blind first, to the control end bracket and slot these together. The chain should hang free and the control chain guard should be level front and back. It is possible to insert the blind at the wrong orientation so do check the guard is level front and back before securing the other end of the sunscreen blind. Good to move on? Hold the blind so the control end is firmly in its bracket and raise the ‘pin end’ so the retractable pin slides in the groove of the idle end bracket. Push up until an audible click is heard signalling the blind is safely home. To get the pin started in the groove you may need to retract the pin a little by turning the notched wheel located at that end of the sunscreen blind. Once safely installed remove the securing band and marvel at your cleverness as you pull the blind down and up, up and down.

TIP 1: For light coloured fabrics or sweaty hands, keep the sunscreen blinds safely inside their wrappers with just the blind ends poking out. This way you can install the blind knowing it’s safe from oily stains or lunchtime mayonnaise. When installed just carefully cut or rip the packaging free. Maybe even consider wearing surgical gloves if you feel they’re needed.

Download PDF installing instructions: Inside the Reveal

sunscreen blinds providing privacy and uv protection in a lounge with a view

Sunscreen blind warranty.

Your sunscreen blinds are protected with a 3 year warranty; covering any defects in componentry, fabrics or workmanship under normal conditions of use. Please don’t subject your sunscreen blinds to negligence, misuse, incorrect installation, improper maintenance or accidental damage as these actions are not covered by your warranty. Our blinds are specced after years of blind repair experience, repairing all blind brands, then manufactured using components, procedures, and fabrics that actually last.

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Download full warranty PDF: Warranty

Feedback specific to our sunscreen blinds.

Over 462+ Online reviews | 4.9 Google & 98% on no cowboys profiles

Ryan Ambler

Ryan is simply the best to deal with. Ridiculously helpful and didn't mind us updating our quote multiple times while we changed our minds on what we wanted. The local installer he used was fantastic, great attention to detail and very knowledgeable, came and did a pre installation measure and gave us some great advice around what to expect with sunscreen blinds. The sunscreen blinds themselves are great quality, roll easily and do the job well! We will be back for more!!

Sarah Watson

Trentham, Upper Hutt - Nov 2019

Google Google | 5 Stars

Thanks so much Sarah! Haha I like the 'ridiculously helpful' statement. I do like to help people reach the best decisions for them; whether it product focused or budget conscious, or both. Enjoy the sunscreen blinds and certainly happy to help with further requirements.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Hi there, would just like to tell would be purchasers of sunscreen blinds of our brilliant experience with Ryan from Blinds Online. We contacted him on referral from our builder a couple of days before Xmas. Even though it was really close to the Xmas madness he came out with all his blind samples and measured up our bedroom for some quite challenging windows. As promised, the sunscreen blinds were ready exactly 3 weeks from our acceptance of the quote and the installation was done on time and with the minimum of fuss. We would wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and Blinds Online to any one looking for a professional and competitively priced job!

Barb Bailey

Belmont, Auckland - Mar 2014

no cowboys |100% Rating

An absolute pleasure Barb, thanks for your business and I hope you keep on enjoying those sunscreen blinds for years to come. Thanks for your business and the time taken to write such a great review.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

Ryan and Mark were really great from my first meeting with them to installation they communicated well and did a fantastic job. Our sunscreen blinds were for a whole floor of an office building and we needed them installed in a really short time frame. Ryan worked with me to get them in as soon as possible as well as giving me all the information about what the right sunscreen blinds for us would be. We are really happy with them, they look great and are helping block the glare and keep us cool. I would highly recommend Blinds Online to anyone looking to get sunscreen blinds installed.

Gillian Ardern - LeapThought NZ Limited

Ellerslie, Auckland - Mar 2013

no cowboys |100% Rating

The whole office floor looks amazing, Gillian. So happy we could help and get it all done on time. Those sunscreen blinds should make for happy workers and far reduced glare and heat. Thanks for your business and thanks for taking the time to review our service and sunscreen blinds. Till next time, cheers.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler
Ryan Ambler

I purchased sunscreen blinds from Blinds Online and I can't speak highly enough of the professional service Ryan gave me. He answered all my questions quickly, followed up and made contact with me regularly. The blinds are exactly what we imagined we were getting and look fantastic.

Sharon Akers

Hillcrest, Auckland - Aug 2017

no cowboys |100% Rating

What a great review, thanks so much Sharon. It was a pleasure; thanks for your business, and enjoy those sunscreen blinds.

Ryan Ambler - Blinds Online Ltd


Ryan Ambler



Do sunscreen blinds provide privacy at night?


Not complete privacy, no. And not enough for many people. Clients living rurally or where there is no direct view from neighbours or the street are often happy with sunscreen blinds alone. You have daytime privacy with sunscreen blinds. However come night time, when it's dark outside and the lights are on inside, visibility is the other way round to some degree. People can't see in super clearly. It's more blurry shapes and colours really however if privacy is important to you sunscreen blinds alone will not be enough.

You could accompany your sunscreen blinds with either curtains, romans, or a blockout roller blind. And sometimes light filtering roller blinds may be better suited to your needs than sunscreen blinds. (And remember; 'if it wasn't for blinds, it would be curtains for all of us!') NB: we don't supply curtains.


As sunscreen blinds (or any roller type blinds) get wider there will be some slight deflection (sag) in the head tube that spans between brackets, from which the sunscreen blind fabric hangs. The deflection is caused by gravity and becomes more so the wider the sunscreen blind is. The deflection can then cause slight 'vee-ing' or 'sagging' in the fabric which usually presents itself as a V shaped wrinkle down the centre of the fabric. This V is often subtle however can be an issue for some people; other people don't notice it or have issue with it. Different sunscreen blind fabric colours make this more or less noticeable. Lighter coloured fabrics tend to show 'veeing' more than darker colours in my experience. Ceiling down-lights nearby can highlight 'vee-ing' if present. The effect can be pronounced with 'softer' fabrics. Lighter weight fabrics are less prone to 'vee-ing' however if present can be more noticeable than with heavier fabrics. The larger the sunscreen blind the more obvious this effect can be. When I say 'wider', I advise clients about the possibility of 'vee-ing' around the 2.5m wide mark and wider. It's usually more common when you combine greater width sunscreen blinds with full drops of 1.8m or greater. All our sunscreen blinds use superior head tube extrusions to minimise deflection and 'vee-ing'. Sunscreen blinds over 2m have a heavier duty reinforced head tube again to further minimise this effect. Thinner gauge head tube extrusions is one area companies cut corners to deliver cheap blinds. As you can see there is no exact science to this phenomenon – if you feel it is going to be an issue for you (aesthetically) I'd encourage you to split 'wider' window and door openings into two sunscreen blinds. 'Vee-ing' is a characteristic of wider sunscreen blinds and is not considered a fabric flaw or manufacturing fault. It isn't possible to hang large sections of sunscreen blind fabric completely flat.


You certainly may! There are some key aspects to sunscreen blinds to keep in mind when comparing and selecting the right fabric for your needs.

1. FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Are the fabrics offered from reputable fabric suppliers with a proven track record in supplying fabrics that last? What certifications do they have or not? Are the fabrics generic and out of China at low cost but not designed to last? Do they have the right UV inhibitors to last in our UV conditions down here in NZ? Colourfastness? etc. The answer to that is; Blinds Online Ltd don't offer any cheap generic sunscreen blind fabrics – we only offer fabrics from well established fabric suppliers. Texstyle, Shaw, Uniline & Shann; all proven NZ based sunscreen blind fabric suppliers. We take this same lasting quality approach to the componentry we use as well; no cheap quality componentry that discolours, become brittle, and fails, available here.

2. OPENNESS FACTOR: This relates to the small holes in the sunscreen blind fabric, how much light passes through into your home, and how much light is blocked out. You don't want to cut back all the light; otherwise you'd be looking at blockout roller blinds, not sunscreen blinds. You want some light, you want to cut back glare and heat gain, possibly retain your view to some extent, and reduce the amount of UV damage to carpets, furniture, etc. The openness factor will also dictate the amount of privacy you get. Openness factor is expressed as a percentage; Commonly: 3%, 5%, and 10%. For example a sunscreen blind fabric with an openness factor of 5% will allow 5% of the light to pass through into your home while blocking out 95% of it. The lower the %, the less light, less view, more UV protection, and more privacy you get. The higher the % the more light and more view you get.

3. COLOUR: Within any specific sunscreen blind fabric range, there is no price difference between colours. What you do need to consider is that light colours (straight white specifically) can be quite 'glarey' to look at when the sun is directly on the fabric. Dark colours are easier to look through, at the view, however will absorb more heat than lighter colours, that reflect more sunlight than absorb it. Also consider tying your colour choice in with some aspect of your homes decor; whether it be the carpets, walls, or picking up and complementing colours in the kitchen bench for example.

4: WEAVE: This relates the how many fabric strands cross each other in each direction. Most sunscreen blind fabrics are 2X2; two strands vertically for every two strands horizontally making up a 2X2 weave. There is also a 2X1 weave which is typically easier to look through so great if retaining the view is important to you. Both weave options are available here. You may need to look at fabrics closely to see and understand what I mean in terms of weave. To my eye the 2X2 weave looks more stock standard while the 2X1 weave does have a more refined look about it. Then there's completely different weave designs like Dakota, for more of a fashion statement or point of different to your home design.

5: BUDGET: This of course comes into play to different degrees depending on your situation. I'd perhaps encourage you to request a quote based on what you want initially but know that if the quote doesn't match your budget I can always help direct you accordingly. Or if your budget is tight and you want to go to the most economical route (without compromising on things that make sunscreen blinds last) then let me know from the outset. You'd be looking at the Uniview range (forgoing Acmeda componentry) or the One Screen and N-Vision ranges, with Acmeda componentry.

6: ECO-FRIENDLY: All sunscreen blinds are manufactured in slightly different ways, using different materials and procedures. Some companies, for some fabric ranges, invest a lot of money and time making sunscreen blind fabrics as eco-friendly as possible. There are industry certifications and awards that demonstrate these efforts. If you're all about the eco approach then you'd be looking at the Sheerweave range of sunscreen blind fabrics first.

So in conclusion, think about the above aspects and what's most important to you when considering sunscreen blind fabrics. There is a lot of specific fabric data in the sunscreen blind fabric selector when you hover over the 'fabric range name' info icon as well. Scan through the other FAQS here too as some of these above aspects are discussed further. There may be other considerations relevant to your situation covered in the FAQ sections. And of course if you have more questions just ask!


Firstly, all sunscreen blind fabrics we offer are from reputable fabric suppliers; tested and proven to outlast generic rip-offs. Of the fabrics we do, there are no real quality differences between them, in terms of longevity. The cost differences between sunscreen blind fabrics offered here come down to manufacturing runs, supplier size and scale, weave complexity, eco practices, certifications, and demand really. Popular ranges allow me to buy at better pricing and pass these savings on to you. Ranking sunscreen blind fabrics in terms of cost only are as follows:
NB: ALL OUR SUNSCREEN BLINDS USE ROLLEASE ACMEDA COMPONENTRY (No lesser quality short-life componentry here).

Most economical ranges, all at the same price as each other.

Still economical however a little more than the above fabrics.

SHEERWEAVE (3%, 5% & 10%) & SOLAR VIEW:
Mid range and it's here with the Sheerweave range that you get different 'openness' factors to choose from within a single range.

Higher end cost wise. Quite a smooth elegant looking sunscreen blind fabric comparatively.

Most expensive sunscreen blind fabric we offer and more of a design statement really. Very different aesthetically when you look at the weave design of Dakota.

Here's the full sunscreen blind online fabric selector.


Sunscreen blind samples can be couriered out for you to view offline. This way you can view them in your home, take your time, and get others to weigh in on fabric colours if needed. We ask that you narrow down the ranges you request and that you please return them once you've finished. We actively recycle sunscreen blind samples on to the next client. There is also a significant cost in making the samples. For returns, most samples fit neatly in a $3.5 NZ Post bag, or at most a $7 post bag. The upside of having sunscreen blind samples sent out is you don't have to visit a showroom and you can take your own time deciding what's best. Before requesting sunscreen blind samples I do encourage people get a quote(s) first to ensure we and the requested fabrics sit within your budget range. Use the online sunscreen blind fabric selector to narrow down the specific ranges you want sent out. As a suggestion, 2 to 3 ranges can be easily sent out and returned. If you are within Auckland and we are conducting a check measure/consult visit, before proceeding with manufacture, then my installers are setup with most sunscreen blind samples for you to view at home while they measure.